Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a recognizable tag, symbol, word or emblem that denotes a particular product or service and legally separates it from all other products. A Trademark often refers to the ownership of a particular registered trademark.

The trademark is generally designated by the following symbols:

  • 1.™(stand for an unregistered trademark): it should be held with a trademark during the registration process.
  • 2. ® (indicates a registered trademark): it should be carried by a trademark after the certificate of registration has been issued.

How to get BIS Registration?
An individual or organization must submit an application to the Office of the Controller General for Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, properly accompanied by the necessary documents.
EVTL India provides support to those individuals / companies who want to register their trademarks / products. We are a group of qualified and experienced professionals who provide extensive registration services in India. For details, please check the Important Information given below.

Important Information - Trademark Registration

Required Documents
Documents required for Trademark Registration are as follows:

  • 1. Application Details – ( View / Download )
  • 2. Soft Copy of Logo, in case of Device / Logo Registration
  • 3. General Power of Attorney (GPA)
  • 4. Identity Proof of Signatory
  • 5. Business Registration Proof Documents, in case applied by company
  • 6. Certificate of Incorporation / Partnership Deed

Costing and Timeline


Individual / MSME / Startup     :           Rs 10,000 per class per application

Other Organizations                :           Rs 15,000 per class per application

Foreign Applicant                    :           USD 300 per class per application

  • Cost is inclusion of official fees and attorney fees only
  • Cost for objection handling or opposition handling will be applicable additionally, if any
  • GST @ 18{9a5f3d6d94499697d3723566a8ea18641900d900689972286d4396f9c7eb4ba6} will be applicable additionally on payment in Indian Rupees

For terms of payment (and applicable discount), please download the quotation and call us.


Normally, 6 to 7 months, if there is no objection / opposition raised.

Validity and Renewal
Trademark Registration is valid for 10 years from the date of issue and may be renewed subsequently. For renewal, few documents and fees will be required.

Registration Process
Process of Trademark Registration is divided into following steps:

  •  Step-1: Preparation of Application and compilation of documents
  • Step-2: Submission of application and requisite fee to Office of the Controller General of Trademarks
  • Step-3: Responding to objection or opposition, if any
  • Step-4: Grant of Certificate of Registration

Trademark Classification
There are two types of Trademark –

1. Word Mark : Alpha-numeric spelling of the TM Name

2. Device (logo) : Design or symbol of the TM Name

Both can be applied separately and it will be considered two applications (word + device) for one name.

There are 45 classes of product and services. One has to apply in relevant class as per product category. View / Download the classification chart.

Advantages of Trademark Registration
The advantages of Trademark Registration are as below:

  • 1. Protects the hard earned goodwill in the business
  • 2. Protects firm’s Name / Brand Name from being used by any other business firm
  • 3. Gives the products a status of being Branded Goods
  • 4. Gives an impression to customers that the company is selling some standard Products or Services
  • 5. The exclusive right to the use of the trade mark in relation to the goods or services in respect of which the trade mark is registered
  • 6. To obtain relief in respect of infringement (misuse by others) of the trade mark
  • 7. Power to assign (transfer) the trade mark to others for consideration.


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