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Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is an agency established by the Ministry of Power, Government of India. The goal of BEE is to save resources and costs. The Government has made it imperative for a few notified products to have star ratings and labels indicating the energy-saving quality of the product and to help customers make the perfect choice before buying such a product. Higher star rating means higher energy savings.

How to get BEE Registration?
The manufacturer(s) must complete the testing and documentation required by BEE in order to approve the star-marked item.

EVTL India provides complete support and assistance to the manufacturers in getting their products BEE Certified. For details, please check the Important Information given below.

Important Information - BEE Registration

Mandatory Product List
Mandatory List of Products for BEE Registration are as below:

  • 1. Frost Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator
  • 2. Tubular Fluorescent Lamps
  • 3. Room Air Conditioners
  • 4. Distribution Transformer
  • 5. RAC (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC)
  • 6. Direct Cool Refrigerator
  • 7. Electric Geysers
  • 8. Color TV
  • 9. Inverter AC
  • 10. LED Bulbs

Documents / information required by Testing Lab

  • Sample(s) along with user manual
  • Legal address proof of the Manufacturing Unit: Copy of Factory License mentioning the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the address of manufacturing unit – in English as well in original language
  • Copy of BIS License with validity date and showing all applied models

Documents / information required by BEE for Brand / Company registration

  • ​Covering letter
  • Copy of online security deposit payment receipt
  • Print out of online Brand registration application
  • ​Copy of Brand / Trade Mark Registration
  • Authority letter from Trade Mark owner if manufacturing unit is not the owner of Trademark / Brand
  • Copy of MSME certificate (for Indian OEM only)
  • Copy of valid ISO 9001 certificate issued in the name and address of the manufacturing facility mentioned in company registration form of Manufacturer (in case of multiple manufacturing facilities, ISO of all the manufacturing facilities must be enclosed)
  • Authorized signatory letter
  • Copy of BIS License with validity date and showing all applied models

Documents / technical details required by BEE for model registration

  • ​Covering letter
  • Copy of online model registration payment receipt
  • Print out of online application form other form(s)
  • ​Original Test Report
  • Specimen of BEE Label

Costing and Timeline for Electronics and IT Products


For a customized and attractive quotation, please contact us with your product details at +91-9560 935 898 / +91-9354 046 392.


For Brand Registration : 20-40 working days
For Model Registration : 20-30 working days

Validity and Renewal
BEE Registration is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and may be renewed subsequently. For renewal, few documents and fees will be required.

Registration Process

Following steps are required:

  • Submit the sample(s) and technical documents to NABL accredited lab for Testing and get the test report.
  • Compile the necessary documents and register Brand on BEE portal along with online remittance of the Security deposit fee.
  • Submit the hard copy of application with all enclosures to BEE duly signed by Authorized Signatory.
  • If BEE seeks clarification and additional information, furnish the same.
    On approval of Brand / Company Registration, BEE will activate the link for model registration.
  • Fill-up the online Application Form.
  • Compile the necessary information and documents and upload the same to BEE portal.
  • Make the online payment of model registration fee to BEE.
  • Submit the hard copy of application with all enclosures duly signed by Authorized Signatory along with Specimen of BEE Label, as applicable.
  • If BEE seeks clarification and additional information, furnish the same.
  • When BEE is satisfied, it approves the application and grants the permission to affix the label.

Guidelines for Marking BEE Star Label
BEE Star Label Marking is categorized into 2 different sizes:

Color and Dimension for Big Label – You can download the following:

Color and Dimension for Small Label – You can download the following:

Prior to Registration on the BEE Portal

Indian OEM

Any Executive of the Indian OEM / Brand owner needs to be made Authorized Signatory through Authorization Letter from his company for BEE related responsibility.

Foreign OEM

Foreign manufacturer is required to nominate an Indian business organization as its Authorized Indian Representative and Signatory (AIR). Any Executive of this company, located in India, can become AIR.

Placing BEE Logo on the product
BEE labelling confirmation consist of:

  • Submission of Specimen of BEE Label, as applicable.
  • Approval of specimen by BEE.
  • Logo to be prominently displayed on the product

Post BEE Approval

    • Submit the details of registered model wise data of products manufactured / imported on quarterly basis to BEE, duly certified by an independent Chartered Accountant.
    • Ensure that a registered model shall be available in the market for a period of at least one year. The model cannot be withdrawn during the period.
    • Provide the information to BEE about the availability of model in the country with its location details.
    • In case no production is carried out in first six months, after award of permission, the permittee has to revalidate and confirm to BEE that the production has started and the condition ‘c’ above would then apply. This process would continue for period of maximum three years or till validity of label.

Testing Sample Return Policy
The tested samples have to be collected back after 3 months and before 4 months from the date of issue of test report. After 4 months, the lab reserves the right to destroy the sample as per its policy and no claim will be entertained afterwards.

Further, the sample may be partially or fully damaged during the testing. Lab or EVTL INDIA will not entertain any claim regarding this.


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