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IMEI Registration

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)


IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

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Introduction - 

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives and the way we do business. As our dependence on these devices has increased, so must ensure their safety and security. One of the ways to do this is through IMEI registration.

IMEI Registration - 

IMEI registration is a process whereby a mobile manufacturer or importer registers the IMEI of each handset they produce or import with a central database. This ensures that a handset can be identified and blocked if lost or stolen, making it inoperable on any network.

Therefore, IMEI registration is crucial to combating mobile phone theft and helps protect consumers and businesses. For consumers, it provides peace of mind that their handset can be blocked if lost or stolen, making it much less likely that they will become victims of crime. For businesses, it helps to protect their mobile assets and helps to ensure that employees can stay connected even if their handset is lost or stolen.

IMEI registration is a simple and effective way to help protect mobile phones and their users and is, therefore, an essential step for any manufacturer or importer.

Why required IMEI Registration - 

IMEI registration is mandatory for all mobile importers and manufacturers in many countries. This is because it provides a valuable service to businesses and consumers. It helps to protect businesses from losses and ensures that consumers can use their devices confidently.

There are a few reasons why an IMEI Registration certificate is required for any mobile importer and manufacturer:

  • First, it ensures that the mobile devices being imported or manufactured comply with international standards.
  • Second, it helps to track and trace mobile devices in case of theft or loss.
  • Third, it provides a way for telecom operators to identify and block stolen or counterfeit devices.
  • Finally, it helps to protect consumers by ensuring that only devices with valid IMEI numbers can be used on networks.

IMEI registration is essential for any mobile importer or manufacturer for several reasons.

  • First, it helps ensure that only devices authorized to use a particular network can connect. This helps to prevent fraud and unauthorized use of the network.
  • Additionally, IMEI registration can help to track down lost or stolen devices. If a device is lost or stolen, the IMEI can block that device from accessing the network. This helps to protect the network from fraud and unauthorized use, and it helps to protect the customer's data.

IMEI registration is a valuable tool for mobile importers and manufacturers. It helps to protect networks and customers, and it can help to track down lost or stolen devices.

The process of IMEI registration is pretty straightforward:

  • First, importers and exporters must download and fill out the IMEI Registration form and provide the required documents.
  • Next, authorities will verify the details and perform an inspection for validation.
  • Once that's all cleared, the company will be allowed to register the mobile devices they're importing into India. The mobiles with their attributes devices will be permitted to get registered.
  • And finally, an IMEI certificate will be issued, which can be submitted to Custom Clearance at Indian Ports by the manufacturers or importers.

There are a few Documents required for IMEI Registration:

  • A technical specification sheet: The technical specification sheet has to be filled out completely. If you find the format too complicated, you can always ask the brand owner for help.
  • A non-disclosure agreement (NDA): As for the NDA, you'll need to get it signed by the company director and send us a soft copy and a hardcopy.
  • The manufacturer's agreement:  you need it to make your product look complete and official. In order to get this document, you'll need to print it out on Rs. 100/- stamp paper (duly notarized) and get it signed by your company Director (with the Company seal). Once you have the hard copy of this agreement, send it to the MSAI Delhi office address.

Standard Costing:

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Standard Timeline

IMEI :  5-7 working days


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BIS Products

Oil Well Cement - IS 8229

Masonry Cement - IS 3466

Super Sulphated Cement - IS 6909

Portland Slag Cement - IS 455

Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement - IS 12330

High Alumina Cement for Structural Use - IS 6452

Rapid Hardening Portland Cement - IS 8041

Portland Pozzolana Cement-Part1 Fly-ash based - IS 1489 (Part-1)

Composite Cement-Specification - IS 16415

Ordinary Portland Cement - IS 269

Portland Pozzolana Cement-Part 2 Calcined clay based - IS 1489 (Part -2)

Low Heat Portland Cement - IS 12600

High Alumina Refractory Cement - IS 15895

Microfine Ordinary Portland Cement-Specification - IS 16993

White Portland Cement - IS 8042

Hydrophobic Portland Cement - IS 8043

AC watt-hour meters, class 0.5, 1 and 2 - IS 13010

AC static watt-hour meters, class 1 and 2 - IS 13779

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Electric iron - IS 302 (Part-2/Sec-3)

Room Heaters-Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - IS 302 (Part-2/Sec-30)

Switches for domestic and similar purposes - IS 3854

Tungesten filament general service eletric lamps (upto 100 W) - IS 418

Elastomer Insulated Cables (Part-1) for working voltages up to and including 1100 V - IS 9968 (Part-1)

Electric stoves-Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - IS 302 (Part-2/Sec-202)

Residual current operated circuit breakers for household and similar uses-Part 1 Circuit breakers without integral overcurrent protection (RCCBs) - IS 12640 (Part-1)

Residual current operated circuit breakers for household and similar uses-Part 2 Circuit breakers with integral overcurrent protection(RCVOs) - IS 12640 (Part-2)

Electrical Accessories-Circuit breakers for overcurrent protection for household and similar installations - IS 8828

PVC insulated cables for working voltages upto and including 1100 V - IS 694

AC Static Transformer operated Watt-hour and VAR-hour meters, class 0.2S and 0.5S - IS 14697

Self Ballasted Lamps for General Lighting Services Part 1-Safety Requirements and Part 2-Performance Requirements - IS 15111 (Part-1 & 2)

Electric immersion water heaters-Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - IS 302 (Part-2/Sec-201)

Multi-purpose Dry Batteries ( Classification-R03, R6, R14 and R20 ) - IS 8144

Milk Powder - IS 1165

Processed cereal based complementary foods - IS 11536

Follow-up Formula Complementary Foods - IS 15757

Condensed milk, partly skimmed and skimmed condensed milk - IS 1166

Sweetened ultra high temperature treated condensed milk - IS 12176

Skimmed milk-powder, standard grade - IS 13334 (Part-1)

Skimmed milk-powder, extra grade - IS 13334 (Part -2)

Packaged Natural Mineral Water - IS 13428

Infant milk substitutes - IS14433

Partly skimmed milk powder - IS 14542

Packaged Drinking Water (Other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water) - IS 14543

Milk-cereal based weaning foods - IS 1656

Hexane, Food grade - IS 3470

Plastic Feeding Bottles - IS 14625

Glass Feeding Bottles - IS 5168

Oil pressure stove, offset burner type - IS 10109

Multi-burner oil pressure stoves - IS 2787

Oil pressure stoves - IS 1342

Automotive Vehicles Tubes for pneumatic tyres - IS 13098

Automotive vehicles-Pneumatic tyres for two and three-wheeled motor vehicles - IS 15627

Automotive vehicles-Pneumatic tyres for passenger car vehicles-Diagonal and radial ply - IS 15633

Automotive vehicles-Pneumatic tyres for commercial vehicles-Diagonal and radial ply - IS 15636

Liquefied petroleum gas containers for automotive use - IS 14899

Multifunction valve assembly for permanently fixed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) containers for automotive use - IS 15100

Welded low carbon steel cylinders exceeding 5 litre Water capacity for low pressure liquefiable gases Part 4 Cylinders for toxic and corrosive gases - IS 3196 (Part-4)

Welded low carbon steel gas cylinder exceeding 5 litre water capacity for low pressure liquefiable gases Part 1 Cylinders for LPG - IS 3196 (Part-1)

Welded low carbon steel gas cylinder exceeding 5-litre water capacity for low pressure liquefiable gases Part 2 Cylinders for liquefiable gases other than LPG - IS 3196 (Part-2)

Valve fittings for compressed gas cylinder excluding liquefied petroleum gas cylinders - IS 3224

Yoke Type Valve Connection for Small Medical Gas Cylinders - IS 3745

Welded low carbon steel cylinders for low pressure liquefiable gases not exceeding 5 litre water capacity - IS 7142

Refillable Seamless steel gas cylinders Part 1 Normalized steel cylinders - IS 7285 (Part-1)


Valve fittings for gas cylinder valves for use with breathing apparatus - IS 7302

Welded and seamless steel dissolved acetylene gas cylinders - IS 7312

Valve fittings for use with liquefied petroleum gas cylinders of more than 5 litre water capacity Part 2 Valve fittings for newly manufactured LPG cylinders - IS 8737

Valve Fittings for Use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinders upto and Including 5-Litre Water Capacity - IS 8776

Low pressure regulators for use with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) mixtures - IS 9798

Clinical thermometers Part 1-Solid stem type - IS 3055 (Part-1)

Clinical thermometers Part 2-Enclosed scale type - IS 3055 (Part-2)


Diagnostic Medical X Ray Equipment - IS 7620 (Part-1)


Mild Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Bars and Hard-Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement (Part 1) Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars - IS 432 (Part - 1)

Mild steel and Medium Tensile steel bars and Hard-Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement (Part 2) Hard-Drawn Steel Wire - IS 432 (Part - 2)

Stainless Steel Bars and Flats - IS 6603

Bright steel bars-Specification - IS 9550

Specification for High Tensile Steel Bars used in Pre-stressed Concrete - IS 2090

Chrome molybdenum steel bars and rods for aircraft purposes - IS 963

Steel Wire for Nipples for Spokes - IS 8564

Stress-Relieved, Low Relaxation Steel Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete - IS 16644

Trapezoidal Steel Wire for Springs Washers - IS 12262

Plain Hard-drawn Steel Wire For Pre-stressed Concrete Part 1 Cold Drawn Stress-relieved Wire - IS 1785 (Part - 1)

Plain hard-drawn steel wire for pre-stressed concrete Part 2 as drawn wire - IS 1785 (Part -2)

Mild steel wire for cotter pins - IS 10794

Mild steel wire rods for general engineering purposes - IS 7887

Steel Wire for Reeds -IS 8566

Half Round Mild Steel Wire for The Manufacture of Split Pins - IS 8563

Tinned Steel Wire for Banding of Armatures And Rotors Part-3 Specific Requirements for non-magnetic banding wires - IS 8510 (Part - 3)

Steel Wire for Banding Of Armatures And Rotors Part-2 Specific Requirements for magnetic banding wires - IS 8510 (Part - 2)

Hard Drawn Steel Wire for Upholstery Springs - IS 2589

High Carbon Steel Wire Rods - IS 7904

Mild steel wire for General Engineering purposes - IS 280

Round Steel wire for ropes - IS 1835

Low Carbon Galvanized steel wires formed wires and Tapes for armouring of Cables - IS 3975

Steel wire for mechanical springs Part-1 cold drawn unalloyed steel wire - IS 4454 (Part -1)

Steel wire for mechanical springs Part-2 oil hardened and tempered steel wire - IS 4454 (Part -2)

Stainless Steel wire Rod - IS 6527

Specification for Mild Steel Wire, Cold Heading Quality - IS 1673

Specification for Carbon Steel Wire for the Manufacture of Wood Screws - IS 1812

Specification for Mild Steel Wire Rod for the Manufacture of Machine Screws - IS 2255

Specification for Steel Wire for Umbrella Ribs - IS 4223

Specification for Steel Wire for Staples, Pins and Clips - IS 4224

Specification for Steel Wire for spokes - IS 6902

Specification for Steel Wire ( up to 20 mm ) for the manufacture of cold-forged rivets - IS 7557

Steel Cast Billet Ingots, Billets and Blooms for production of High Carbon Steel Wire Rods-Specification - IS 8951

Steel ingots, blooms and billets for production of mild steel wire rods for general engineering purposes-Specification - IS 8952

Specification for Steel Wire for Needles - IS 9962

Specification for Low Carbon Steel Wire for Rivets for use in Bearing Industry - IS 4882

Specification for Hard-drawn Steel Wire Fabric for Concrete Reinforcement - IS 1566

Steel Wires for Mechanical Springs Part-4 Stainless Steel Wire - IS 4454 (Part - 4)

Steel tubes for structural purposes - IS 1161

Steel Tubes, Tubulars and Other Wrought Steel Fittings Part 1-Steel Tubes - IS 1239 (Part - 1)

Steel tubes used for water-wells (upto 200 mm dia) - IS 4270

Fusion bonded epoxy coated reinforcing bars - IS 13620

Galvanized steel sheets (plain and corrugated) - IS 277

Commercial for IMEI Registration

There aren't any fees related to the issuing of the IMEI certificate because of the IMEI biological research and duplication restriction (ICDR). the sole price is Rs. a hundred (duly notarized) for filling out the import-related data.


The 3GPP and Iden mobile instrumentation devices, in addition as some traceable satellite phones, could all be known by their several IMEI (International Mobile instrumentation Identity) numbers.

The registration of a phone may be promptly completed by a subject of the state. The IMEI may be wont to track a misplaced phone or different piece of mobile instrumentation and to see its precise position mistreatment the ESN, MEID, or IMEI.

Device pursuit is formed potential by the IMEI, and also the network operator receives the pursuit letter as a result. Police will quickly notice the bad person mistreatment this pursuit data.

Electronic serial number (ESN) and mobile equipment identifier (MIED) are other names for the IMEI. These are both solely generated numbers connected to sophisticated communication gear. The format of an electronic serial number might vary, for example, it could be a 15-digit IMEI or a 14-digit MEID.

The Authority offers the Kenyan public the chance to check a mobile device's IMEI number through this toll-free service

Yes, there is a cap of two verifications each day at most.

A mobile device's IMEI number is multiplied if it can hold more than one active SIM card. An active dual SIM mobile device therefore has two distinct IMEI numbers.


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