WPC Certification


WPC Approval for IT & Electronic Products


WPC is a Division of the Ministry of Communications, a National Radio Regulatory Authority engaged in Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC Office issues WPC (ETA) License for IT and electronic products when meeting the needs of wireless technology customers. Wireless and Bluetooth IT and electronic products running on unlicensed frequency bands and compliant with human safety specifications can only be sold on the Indian market with WPC certification.

How to get WPC Approval?

WPC needs the RF (Radio Frequency) Equipment Type Approval (ETA) evaluation report for their product operating in these frequency bands. Subsequently, the import license shall be issued separately from the importer on the basis of the ETA grant application.
EVTL India is an established service provider for WPC (ETA) clearance of IT and electronic products to Indian and international manufacturers. We enable Indian and foreign brands to release their product on the Indian market by securing WPC approval and import licences.

Frequency Chart
Below is the Frequency List for which WPC (ETA) Approval is mandatory in India:

Source:CIS-IndiaTechnical characteristics of inductive applications using the following frequency bands:

Required Documents


  • A soft copy of the report of the RF Test is needed with ILAC Accreditation with origin Logo should be available.
  • Authorization letter and ID proof of signature of documents issued by the Head of Manufacturing Unit
  • Any executive of a company in India may be nominated as an Authorized Signator and Representative of a foreign manufacturer in India.
  • Product Technical literature
  • Document explaining the technical details of the device, such as the user manual.

Costing and Timeline

Costing for ETA Approval –

For a customized and attractive quotation, please contact us with your product details at +91-9560 935 898 / +91-9354 046 392.

Timeline for WPC Approval

WPC – ETA : 10-12 working days

Validity and Renewal


Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is given for a particular model and is valid as long as the product model is being manufactured without any modification.

No renewal is required.

Format of RF Test Report
Specimen copy of RF Test Report for WPC (ETA) License for reference purpose is as below:

This is an indicative document (few initial pages) only to show the contents mentioned on RF Test Report. This is not for any legal presentation.

Format of WPC (ETA) License
Specimen copy of WPC (ETA) License for reference purpose is as below:

This is an indicative document only to show the contents mentioned on WPC (ETA) License. This is not for any legal presentation.


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