TEC Certification is given to a Telecom Service or a network that will communicate with the Indian Telecom Network. Every Original Equipment Manufacturer and Importer wishing to sell, import or use any telecommunications equipment in India must obtain a Certification from the Telecommunications Engineering Center (TEC), Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

How to get TEC Certification?
TEC Certification shall be granted for compliance after testing and evaluation of the material. Certificate will be given to the producer.
We have team of dedicated compliance professionals who make excellent use of their expertise and provide complete support and assistance in gaining TEC Certification from start to finish.

Important Information - TEC Certification

Mandatory Product List
Mandatory List of Products for TEC Certification is as below:

  • 1. Two Wire Telephone Equipment (SCS)
  • 2. Conferencing Equipment
  • 3. Conferencing and Presentation Equipment
  • 4. Group 3 Fax Machine (SCS)
  • 5. Data Modem (connectable on 2-wire Analog Line) (SCS)
  • 6. Point of Sale (POS) Devices with or without Biometric Scanner
  • 7. Cord Less Telephone (GCS)
  • 8. GPON Equipment
  • 9. Media Converter equipment (for conversion amongst E1, WiFi, xDSL, Ethernet and Digital Interfaces over 2 Wire)
  • 10. IoT Gateway with Cellular Connectivity
  • 11. Endpoint Device for Environmental Monitoring with Cellular Connectivity
  • 12. IoT Feedback Devices with Cellular Connectivity
  • 13. Sensing and Tracking Devices with Cellular Connectivity
  • 14. Smart Electricity Meter with Cellular Connectivity
  • 15. Smart Watch with Cellular Connectivity
  • 16. Smart Camera with Cellular Connectivity
  • 17. HF Radio Base Station and User Terminals
  • 18. Router
  • 19. LAN Switch
  • 20. Mobile Devices including Handsets, Tablets with SIM and Data Card
  • 21. Mobile BTS (Base Station for Cellular Network)
  • 22. Compact Cellular Network
  • 23. Repeater for Cellular Network
  • 24. Point to Point and Point to Multi-point Microwave Fixed Radio Systems
  • 25. VHF and UHF Radio Base Station and User Terminals
  • 26. Mobile Radio Trunking System Base Station and User Terminals
  • 27. Equipment Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Frequency Bands
  • 28. Satellite Communication Systems
  • 29. IP Terminal
  • 30. Media Gateway
  • 31. Signalling Gateway
  • 32. Session Border Controller
  • 33. Soft Switch
  • 34. ISDN Customer Premises Equipment (SCS)
  • 35. PABX (GCS)
  • 36. Telephony Application Server
  • 37. Telephony Media Server
  • 38. Transmission Terminal Equipments (including Multiplexer, PDH, SDH, DWDM, OTN, DXC)

Required Documents

Documents / Technical Details Required by Testing Lab / CAB

Legal address proof of the Manufacturing Unit

  • Copy of Factory License mentioning the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the address of manufacturing unit – in English as well in original language

Technical Details about the Product
Following technical details about the product –

  • Sample(s) along with user manual
  • Safety critical components list – component details format is available on the website of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.
  • PCB layout and circuit diagram of the product
  • Mains power / SMPS Layout and circuit diagram
  • Supporting documents for validation of series formation and selection of lead sample for testing
  • Soft copy of marking label on the product

Additional Technical Details in case of Cell / Battery

  • UN 38.3 test report (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) for lithium ion cells and batteries
  • ISO 9001 certificate

Trade Mark Registration

  • Copy of Brand / Trade Mark Registration

Authority Letter from Trade Mark / Brand owner

  • If manufacturing unit is not the owner of Trade Mark / Brand

Documents / Technical Details Required for Certification by TEC

    • Product and product Variant including interfaces applicable
    • Model number and name
    • Family details, if applicable
    • Hardware and software versions, as applicable


  • Brand name
  • Bill of Material
  • Payment of Administrative Fees and Evaluation Fee (if applicable)
  • Original Test Report (for GCS products), and Test Results along with test report details (for SCS products)


Groups and Schemes in TEC

Groups in TEC

Groups in TEC refers to the Grouping of Equipments for which TEC Certification is mandatory. Equipments are grouped according to the time and complexity involved in testing the equipment or evaluating test reports. These equipments are divided into three Groups: Group A, Group B and Group C.

Schemes in TEC

Below are the 2 types of Certification Schemes for notified Telecom Equipment:
General Certification Scheme (GCS)
Under this scheme, applicant has to submit test wise compliance along with test reports, in respect of parameters included in Essential Requirements (ERs), from any designated Conformance Assessment Body (CAB).

General Certification Scheme (GCS) is applicable to Group A, Group B and Group C equipment. View / Download the group chart.

Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS)
Under this scheme, applicant has to submit a test wise compliance sheet, along with a Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC), in respect of parameters included in ERs. Test reports from CAB are not required to be submitted by applicant or evaluated by TEC.

Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) is applicable to Group A equipment. View / Download the group chart.

Costing and Timeline

For Indian Manufacturer


Duration (Indicative Days)

Including Testing & Application to TEC

Scheme / Group

First / Subsequent Model

First Model

Subsequent Model

SCS / Group A For a customized and attractive
quotation, please contact us with
your product details at
+91-9560 935 898 / +91-9354 046 392.
 30 – 35 25 – 30
GCS / Group A 35 – 45 30 – 40
GCS / Group B 45 – 55 40 – 50
GCS / Group C 55 – 65 50 – 60
GCS / Group D 65 – 75 60 – 70

For Foreign Manufacturer


Duration (Indicative Days)

Including Testing & Application to TEC

Scheme / Group

First / Subsequent Model

First Model

Subsequent Model

SCS / Group A For a customized and attractive
quotation, please contact us with
your product details at
+91-9560 935 898 / +91-9354 046 392.
30 – 35 25 – 30
GCS / Group A 35 – 45 30 – 40
GCS / Group B 45 – 55 40 – 50
GCS / Group C 55 – 65 50 – 60
GCS / Group D 65 – 75 60 – 70

Validity and Renewal

Validity of Certificate

TEC Certification is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. However, for Foreign OEM the Certificate is granted for five years or validity of MOU or AIR letter, whichever is earlier.

Renewal of Certificate

Application for renewal is to be made online along with the renewal fee, at least one month prior to expiry of the current certificate’s validity period.

A certificate shall be renewed if there is no change in the ERs applicable to the equipment, and there is no change in the equipment model.

A fresh certificate valid for another five years shall be issued, indicating the previous certificate number thereon.

TEC may ask for re-testing / re-evaluation of certified telecom equipment and charge the relevant fee, should the need arise to check on the compliance of the equipment to the ERs.

Registration Process
Process of TEC Certification involves following steps:

  • Step-1: Registration on TEC Portal
  • Step-2: Allotment of Testing Lab
  • Step-3: Submission of Samples for Testing
  • Step-4: Receiving of Test Reports
  • Step-5: Submission of Documents & Payment to TEC

Prior to Certification on the TEC Portal

Indian OEM

Any Executive of the Indian OEM / Brand owner needs to be made Authorized Signatory through Authorization Letter from his company for TEC related responsibility.

Foreign OEM

Foreign manufacturer is required to nominate an Indian business organization as its Authorized Indian Representative and Signatory (AIR). Any Executive of this company, located in India, can become AIR.
Note – EVTL INDIA can become the AIR for Foreign OEM, if it does not have any other arrangement.

Placing TEC Logo on the product
TEC labelling requirements consist of:

  • Logo on the body of equipment at a prominent location.
  • Indication of equipment conforming to ERs in its technical document.
  • Certification e-label applicable only in case of mobile handset and tablets.
  • Size of TEC logo may be reduced or enlarged maintaining the aspect ratio.

Certificate Modification

Without Re-Testing

Change or modifications performed on the certified equipment that do not affect compliance with approved Essential Requirements will require certificate modification without going through the process of testing. Examples of such modifications are:

  • Change in model number / name arisen due to change in size, shape, colour or enclosure of equipment.
  • Change in model number without affecting the hardware design.
  • Change in ownership / structure / address of company holding the certificate for the equipment.
  • Inclusion of name of a new Associated Model not originally available on the existing certificate, but covered by BoM already submitted.

After examination of the application TEC will issue a new certificate reflecting the changes.

With Re-Testing

Any other modifications performed on the certified equipment that affects its conformance with approved Essential Requirements will require fresh certification. Some examples (not limited to the following) of such modifications are:

  • Addition of new network interface card.
  • Change in the existing network interface card.
  • Inclusion of a new Associated Model neither originally mentioned on the existing certificate, nor covered by BoM of certified model.
  • Inclusion of a new chasses, interface module or unit in the family of already certified equipment.

The modified equipment shall be sold or used only after fresh certificate is issued by TEC.

A change in software, by way of major revision / minor revision / patch / bug fix / update does not necessarily call for certificate modification, unless the change has resulted in non-conformity or non-compliance to ERs, to which the equipment was earlier compliant. The OEM himself is responsible for ascertaining the same and applying for certificate modification, should such a need arise.

Non Conformity and Contraventions
If it comes into the notice of TEC that an uncertified equipment or certified equipment with unauthorized modifications or equipment whose certification has expired is being sold / used or intended to be sold / used, such equipment will be required to undergo the mandatory certification within one hundred and eighty days from the date of notice of violation.

In case certification is not obtained for such telegraph within stipulated timeframe, TEC may order to take custody of all such equipment and destroy them.

Testing Sample Return Policy
The tested samples have to be collected back after 3 months and before 4 months from the date of issue of test report. After 4 months, the lab reserves the right to destroy the sample as per its policy and no claim will be entertained afterwards.

Further, the sample may be partially or fully damaged during the testing. Lab or EVTL INDIA will not entertain any claim regarding this.


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