LM-79 & LM-80

LM-79 & LM-80

We help the manufacturer get their LED luminaires tested by the NABL certified laboratory for LM-79&LM-80.

LM-79 is a photometric evaluation protocol for LED luminaires. It is an IESNA report that the LED luminaires must be checked by the photometric laboratories. It basically tells you how to check the luminaire and what details the photometric document should include.

A LM-79 photometric document will contain the photometric data of the luminaire (lumens, vertical lumens distribution, color temperature, etc.) and electrical data (power, current)

LM-79 does not approve a photometric report’s data veracity. The fact that an independent laboratory produces the document proves that the information is valid.

LM-80 is an LED lifespan check technique. It is an IESNA recommendation to be followed by manufacturers to calculate the lifespan of their LEDs. This basically tells you how to test the LEDs and what details the LED lifespan report needs to include.


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