Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been operating a Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS) since the year 2000. Under FMCS, licence is granted to a Foreign Manufacturer for use of Standard Mark on a product that conforms to an Indian Standard. The Scheme is applicable for grant of licence for all products except Electronics and IT goods notified by Deity. The licence is granted by Foreign Manufacturers Certification Department (FMCD) located at BIS Headquarters, New Delhi. The BIS licence is granted for a location where the product is manufactured and tested as per relevant Indian Standard(s) and Standard Mark is applied on the product conforming to such Indian Standard(s)

Who can apply for BIS licence under FMCS?

The manufacturers, which have their company location outside India can apply under FMCS (BIS).

These companies shall:

    • ensure conformity of their product(s) to applicable Indian Standards Specification (ISS)
    • have all manufacturing machineries/facilities at their factory premises.
    • have all arrangements/equipments in their factory premises for testing of the product(s) as per applicable ISS.
    • have competent testing personnel in their lab to test the product(s) as per applicable ISS.
    • accept the Scheme of Testing & Inspection (STI) and Marking Fee.
    • accept the Terms & Conditions of licence.

Note : Separate application is required to be submitted for each product/Indian Standard and for each factory location.

Process for Grant of BIS Licence:

First Stage: BIS will scrutinize the application and queries,if any, will be communicated by email. Once queries are satisfactorily met and application is complete, it will be recorded.

Second Stage: Applicant will be informed to provide schedule and organize visit in consultation with the officer nominated by BIS. Visit will be paid to the factory location to carryout verification of manufacturing & testing infrastructure and drawal of samples for independent testing.

Third Stage: Responsibility for safe deposition of sample(s) and remittance of testing charges shall lie with the applicant firm. Case would be processed for grant of licence after receipt of satisfactory inspection report & independent test report(s) conforming to applicable Indian Standard(s).

Fourth Stage: Applicant would be required to pay licence fee; advance minimum marking fee and any other outstanding dues, before grant of licence. Agreement & Indemnity Bond would be signed and performance bank Guarantee of USD 10000 from any bank, having RBI approved branch in India would be required to be furnished immediately after grant of licence.

Fifth Stage: Licence would be initially granted for 1 year which would be further renewable for 1 or 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who will be the AIR?

The AIR shall be an Indian resident. He shall declare his consent to be responsible for compliance to the provisions of the BIS Act, Rule Regulations and Terms & Conditions laid down in BIS Licence, Agreement, Undertaking etc. by or on behalf of the foreign manufacturer or a senior person of the branch/office shall be nominated as the AIR. In case, there is no such branch / office established in India or till it is established in India, the foreign manufacturer shall nominate an AIR in the prescribed format.

Q2. Whether the test report as per IEC or any standard other than Indian Standard can be accepted?
No, test report as per relevant Indian Standard can only be accepted.

Q3. What is the timeline for grant of licence?

Average time taken for grant of licence is generally six (6) months from the date of receipt of complete application and its recording. It may vary for reasons like delay in response to queries raised, if any; organizing inspection(s); transportation of samples and remittance of dues, etc.

Q4. Is the payment to be made to BIS in USD or INR?

For SAARC countries, the payment can be made in Indian Rupee (INR). For other countries, the payment should be made in USD only.

Q5. Can I submit one application for different products/ISS being manufactured at the same factory location?
No, separate application for each product/ISS is to be submitted for each factory location.

Q6. Can I submit one application for one product being manufactured at different locations?
No, separate application for each product/ISS is to be submitted for each factory location.

Q7. Has the AIR to be an Indian resident only?

The AIR should be an Indian national & resident of India. However, he can be a foreign national if employed in any office/branch of the manufacturer in India but should be resident of India.

BIS licence is compulsory for the products under mandatory certification as below:

Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement – IS 12330Low heat Portland Cement – IS 12600
Portland Pozzolana Cement-Part1 Fly-ash based – IS 1489 (Part 1)Portland Pozzolana Cement-Part 2 Calcined clay based – IS 1489 (Part 2)
Ordinary Portland Cement – IS 269Masonry Cement – IS 3466
Portland Slag Cement – IS 455High Alumina Cement for Structural use – IS 6452
Super sulphated cement – IS 6909Rapid hardening Portland cement – IS 8041
White Portland Cement – IS 8042Hydrophobic Portland Cement – IS 8043
Oil well Cement – IS 8229Residual current operated circuit breakers for house hold and similar uses-Part 1 Circuit
breakers without integral overcurrent protection (RCCBs) – IS 12640 (Part 1)
Residual current operated circuit breakers for household and similar uses–Part 2 Circuit breakers
with integral overcurrent protection(RCVOs) – IS 12640 (Part 2)
AC watt-hour meters, class 0.5, 1 & 2 – IS 13010
AC static watt-hour meters, class 1 & 2 – IS 13779AC static transformer operated watt-hour and VAR-hour meters, class 0.2S & 0.5S – IS 14697
Self Ballasted Lamps for General Lighting Services – Part 1 :Safety Requirements & Part 2 : Performance Requirements – IS 15111 (Part 1 & 2)
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances – Electric iron – IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 3)Safety of household and similar electrical appliances– Electric immersion water-heaters – IS 302
(Part 2/Sec 201)
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances –Electric stoves – IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 202)Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Room heaters – IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 30)
Switches for domestic and similar purposes – IS 3854Tungsten filament general service electric lamps (upto 100 W ) – IS 418
PVC insulated cables for working voltages up to and including 1100V – IS 694Electrical Accessories-Circuit breakers for overcurrent protection for household and similar
installation – IS 8828 *
Multi-Purpose dry batteries – IS 8144Follow–up formula –complimentary foods – IS 15757
Processed cereal based complementary foods – IS 11536Milk-powder – IS 1165
Condensed milk, partly skimmed and skimmed condensed milk – IS 1166Sweetened ultra high temperature treated condensed milk – IS 12176
Skimmed milk-powder, standard grade – IS 13334 (Part 1)Skimmed milk-powder, extra grade – IS 13334 (Part 2)
Packaged Natural Mineral Water – IS 13428Infant milk substitutes – IS 14433
Partly skimmed milk powder – IS 14542Packaged Drinking Water (Other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water) – IS 14543
Milk-cereal based weaning foods – IS 1656Hexane, Food grade – IS 3470
Plastic Feeding Bottles – IS 14625Glass Feeding Bottle- IS 5168
Oil pressure stove, offset burner type – IS 10109Multi-burner oil pressure stoves – IS 2787
Oil pressure stoves – IS 1342Automotive vehicles –Tubes for pneumatic tyres – IS 13098
Automotive vehicles– Pneumatic tyres for two and three-wheeled motor vehicles – IS 15627Automotive vehicles-Pneumatic tyres for passenger car vehicles– Diagonal and radial ply – IS
Automotive vehicles- Pneumatic tyres for commercial vehicles-Diagonal and radial ply – IS
Liquefied petroleum gas containers for automotive use - IS 14899
Multi function valve assembly for permanently fixed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) containers for
automotive use – IS 15100
Welded low carbon steel cylinders exceeding 5 liter Water capacity for low pressure liquefiable
gases Part 4 Cylinders for toxic and corrosive gases – IS 3196 (Part 4)
Welded low carbon steel gas cylinder exceeding 5 litre water capacity for low pressure
liquefiable gases Part1 Cylinders for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – IS 3196 (Part 1)
Welded low carbon steel gas cylinder exceeding 5-litre water capacity for low pressure
liquefiable gases Part 2 Cylinders for liquefiable gases other than LPG – IS 3196 (Part 2)
Valve fittings for compressed gas cylinder excluding liquefied petroleum gas cylinders – IS 3224Yoke Type Valve Connection for Small Medical Gas Cylinders – IS 3745
Welded low carbon steel cylinders for low pressure liquefiable gases not exceeding 5 litre water
capacity – IS 7142
Refillable Seamless steel gas cylinders Part1 Normalized steel cylinders – IS 7285 (Part 1)
Refillable Seamless steel gas cylinders Part 2 Quenched and tempered steel cylinders with
tensile strength less than 1100 MPa (112 kgf/mm2) – IS 7285 (Part 2)
Valve fittings for gas cylinder valves for use with breathing apparatus – IS 7302
Welded and seamless steel dissolved acetylene gas cylinders – IS 7312Clinical thermometers :Part 1 Solid stem type – IS 3055 (Part 1)
Clinical thermometers :Part 2 Enclosed scale type – IS 3055 (Part 2)Diagnostic Medical X-Ray Equipment – IS 7620 (Part 1)
Specification for plain Hard-drawn Steel Wire For Prestressed Concrete; Part 1 Cold – Drawn
Stress relieved Wire – IS 1785 (Part-1) : 1983
Plain Hard-drawn Steel Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete; Part 2 as Drawn Wire – IS 1785 (Part-
2) : 1983
Indented Wire for Prestressed Concrete –Specification – IS 6003 : 2010
Uncoated Stress Relieved Strand For Pre-stressed Concrete – Specification – IS 6006 : 2014Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Reinforcing Bars – Specification – IS 13620 : 1993
Uncoated Stress Relieved Low Relaxation Seven- wire (ply) Strand for Pre-stressed Concrete –
Specification – IS 14268 : 1995
Galvanized Steel Sheets (Plain and Corrugated) – Specification – IS 277 : 2018
Steel plates for pressure vessels for intermediate and high temperature service including boilers
– IS 2002 : 2009
Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels Used at Moderate and Low Temperature –Specification – IS
2041 : 2009
Carbon steel cast billet ingots, billets, blooms and slabs for re-rolling into steel for general
structural purposes – Specification – IS 2830 : 2012
Cold Rolled Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet and Strip – Semi-Processed Type- Specification
– IS 15391 : 2003
Carbon steel billets, blooms, slabs and bars for forgings – IS 1875 : 1992Steel Chequered Plates – IS 3502 : 2009
Hot rolled medium high tensile structural steel except for bars and rods of diameter or thickness
less than 6 mm and structural below 50 mm x 50 mm x 6 mm – IS 2062 : 2011
Mild Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Bars and Hard–Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete
Reinforcement: Part 1 Mild steel and medium tensile steel bars – IS 432 : Part 1 : 1982
Mild steel and Medium Tensile steel bars and Hard–Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete
Reinforcement: Part 2 Hard-Drawn Steel Wire – IS 432 : Part 2 : 1982
Cold reduced carbon steel sheets and strip Part 1 Cold Forming and Drawing Purpose (Sixth
Revision) – IS 513 (Part 1) : 2016
Cold reduced low carbon steel sheets and strip Part 2 High Tensile and Multi-phase Steel (Sixth
Revision) – IS 513 (Part 2) : 2016
Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet, Plate and Strip – IS 1079 : 2017
Mild steel for metal arc welding electrodes – IS 2879 : 1998Cold Rolled Steel Strips (Box Strappings) – IS 5872 : 1990
Hot Rolled Steel Sheet, Plate and Strip for Forming and Flanging purposes – IS 5986 : 2017Hot Rolled Steel Plate (up to 6 mm) Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture of Low Pressure
Liquefiable Gas Cylinders – IS 6240 : 2008
Hot Rolled bars for production of bright bars and machined parts for engineering applications –
IS 7283 : 1992
Mild steel wire rods for general engineering purposes – IS 7887 : 1992
Hot Rolled Steel Strip for Welded Tubes and Pipes – IS 10748: 2004Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Strip For Cold Rolling Purposes – IS 11513 : 2017
Hot rolled steel narrow width strip for welded tubes and pipes – IS 15647 : 2006High carbon steel wire rods- Specification – IS 7904 : 2018
Continuously pre-painted galvanized steel sheets and coils – IS 14246 : 2013Pre–painted aluminium zinc alloy metallic coated steel strip and sheet (plain) – IS 15965 : 2012
Mild steel wire for General Engineering purposes – IS 280:2006Round Steel wire for ropes – IS 1835 : 1976
Low Carbon Galvanized steel wires formed wires and Tapes for armouring of Cables – IS 3975:
Alloy Steel billets, blooms and slabs for forging for general engineering purposes – IS
Steel wire for mechanical springs Part-1 cold drawn unalloyed steel wire – IS 4454 (Part 1) :
Steel wire for mechanical springs Part-2 oil hardened and tempered steel wire – IS 4454 (Part
2): 2001
Bead Wires for Tyres – IS 4824:2006Steels for Cold Heading/Cold extrusion application Part-1 Wrought carbon and low alloy steels –
IS 11169 (Part 1): 1984
Structural Weather resistant steel – IS 11587:1986Fire resistant Steel- Specification – IS 15103: 2002
High Tensile Strength Flat Rolled Steel Plate (Up to 6 mm), Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture
of Welded Gas Cylinder – IS 15914:2011
Hot Dip aluminium- Zinc alloy metallic coated steel strip and sheet (Plain) – IS 15961:2012
Structural Steel for Building for Structures with improved seismic Resistance – IS 15962:2012Stainless Steel wire Rod – IS 6527:1995
Stainless Steel Wires – IS 6528:1995Stainless Steel Bars and Flats – IS 6603:2001
Stainless Steel sheets and strips for utensils- Specification – IS 5522:2014Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip- Specification – IS 6911:2017
Low Nickel Austenitic Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip For Utensils and Kitchen Applications-
Specification – IS 15997:2012
Ferrosilicon – Specification – IS 1110 : 1990
Specification for Ferronickel – IS 4409 : 1973Specification for Hot rolled steel strip (bailing) – IS 1029 : 1970
Specification for Hot-rolled mild steel sheet and strip in coil form for cold-reduced tinplate and
cold-reduced black plate – IS 2385 : 1977
Specification for Structural steel for construction of hulls of ships – IS 3039 : 1988
Bright steel bars – v Specification – IS 9550 : 2001Tool and die steels – Specification – IS 3748 : 1990
Steel for hardening and tempering – Specification – IS 5517 : 1993Specification for High speed tool steels – IS 7291 : 1981
Specification for Steel for valves for internal combustion engines – IS 7494 : 1981Specification for Carbon manganese steel forgings for pressure vessels – IS 12146 : 1987
Magnetic materials – specification for individual material – Fe based amorphous strip delivered in the semi-processed state – IS 16585 : 2016Carbon steel cast billet ingots, billets, blooms and slabs for re-rolling into structural steel
(ordinary quality) – Specification – IS 2831 : 2012
Centrifugally cast (spun) ductile iron pressure pipes for water, gas and sewage – IS 8329 : 2000Ductile iron fittings for pressure pipes for water, gas and sewage – IS 9523:2000
Steel tubes for structural purposes – IS 1161:2014
Steel Tubes, Tubulars and Other Wrought Steel Fittings – Part 1 : Steel Tubes – IS 1239 (Part
Steel tubes used for water-wells (upto 200 mm dia) – IS 4270:2001Out door type Oil immersed Distribution Transformers upto and including 2500 kVA, 33 KV-specification Part 1 Mineral oil immersed – IS 1180 (Part 1)
Energy Efficient Induction Motors-Three Phase Squirrel Cage – IS 12615
A.C. motor capacitors – IS 2993
Power Capacitors of Self-healing Type for AC Power Systems having Rated Voltage up to 650V
– IS 13340
Shunt Power Capacitors of the Non-Self-Healing Type for AC System having a Rated Voltage
up to and Including 1000V Part-1 General Performance, Testing and Rating Safety
Requirements Guide for Installation and Operation – IS 13585 Part 1
Caustic Soda –Specification – IS 252:2013Boric Acid – Specification – IS 10116 : 2015
Poly Aluminium Chloride – IS 15573Acetic Acid – IS 695
Aniline – IS 2833Methanol – IS 517
Hand-held Blender – IS 302 (Part 2/ Section 14)Domestic Electric Food Mixer (Liquidizers and Grinders) and Centrifugal Juicer – IS 4250
Instantaneous Domestic Water Heater for use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas – IS 15558Room Air Conditioners- Specification Part 1 Unitary Air Conditioners – IS 1391 (Part-1): 2017
Room Air Conditioners- Specification Part 2 Split Air Conditioners - IS 1391 (Part -2): 2018 Ducted and Package Air Conditioners – IS 8148:2018
Finned type Heat Exchanger for Room Air Conditioner – IS 11329:2018Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use Part 2 Particular Requirements
Section 9 Temperature Sensing Controls – IS/IEC 60730 (Part 2) Section 9: 2011
Plugs and socket-outlets of Rated Voltage up to and including 250 Volts and Rated current up
to and including 16 amperes – IS 1293 : 2005
Alternating Current Direct Connected Static Prepayment Meters for Active Energy (Class 1 and
2) – IS 15884:2010
Domestic Gas Stoves for use with Liquefied Petroleum Gases - IS 4246: 2002

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